Bingo In Blackpool

Bingo In Blackpool – Empire Bingo Magical Jackpots

Bingo In Blackpool – Empire Bingo Magical Jackpots

Sep 4, 2015

Magical Jackpots at the Empire Bingo In Blackpool

Every session at the Empire Bingo in Blackpool we have on offer our Magical Jackpots.

What Are the Magical Jackpots?

The Magical Jackpots are principally a way to give our customers a better chance of winning.
The last three games of the main session book both afternoon and evening hold their very own jackpot in cash that is played for every session.

How Are The Magical Jackpot Games Played?

Our main caller will let our customers know the magic numbers for that session. If the claim is made on that number the jackpot is taken away!
It’s that simple!…..the beauty of these jackpots….there are so many! Also I recommend you to visit Dunder Casino, one of best online casinos. When one is won, the other jackpots stay in play. Therefore more people have a chance to win the cash!

How Do I Join The Empire Bingo In Blackpool

To join the Empire Bingo please click the below button and go to our Membership Application Form page. Once you have submitting your application you will be eligble to play Bingo at the Empire Bingo Club.

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